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Buy-Back Used and Unwanted Equipment

  • Computer – IT Equipment, such as: Desktop, Laptop, LCD/LED Monitor, Laser Printer, Servers and Racks, Computer Accessories, Network Device, etc.

  • Office Equipment, such as: Photocopier, Laminator, Binder, Fax Machine, Scanner, LCD Projector, OHP, CCTV and Security Equipment, Video / Digital Camera, Smart Phone, etc.

  • Engineering Equipment and Industrial Equipment

  • Machinery Equipment and Semiconductor Equipment

  • Gym and Sports Equipment

  • Scientific / Laboratory Equipment – Medical Equipment, such as: HPLC, PCR System, DNA, Spectrophotometer, Chromatography, X-ray Machines, Ultrasound Machine, Balance, Centrifuge, Oven, Microscope, Oscilloscopes, Freezer, Laminar Flow,  Incubator, Testing Equipment, Analytical Equipment, and many more.

Asia Asset Recovery Pte Ltd has NEA license to deal in the ionising radiation equipment and non-ionising radiation equipment, , such as: X-Ray Equipment (Medical / Industrial), Ultrasound (Medical), and Laser Equipment (Medical / Industrial). AAR is licensed under Radiation Protection Act & Regulations . We will ensure the safe disposal of the items. We are also a licensed General Waste Collectors (GWC).

We are doing the disposal and assist in the termination of NEA license for Laser and X-Ray Equipment for all MNCs or Corporate, Universities, Healthcare industries, Government Agencies and many more.

Disposal of Unwanted / Bulky Furniture

We provide disposal of Unwanted / damaged furniture for government ministries, corporate MNCs, restaurants, universities and schools, such as: chairs, tables, cabinets, sofa, kitchen equipment, industrial racking, etc.

Data Destruction

Asia Asset Recovery Pte Ltd offers a range of secure data destruction equipment and services both on site at client’s premises as well as at its our premises. The services include total destruction, grinding, drilling, decommissioning, degaussing, shredding, wipe out disk, disposal and etc.  We give customers the assurance that their data assets are properly sanitized and disposed. Certificate of decommissioning will be issued upon completion of services.

Storage products that needs to be destroyed are hard disk drives, magnetic disk data cartridges, tape cartridges, zip disks, floppy disks, thumb drives, memory storage cards, and optical media CDs/DVDs and even handphone / smartphone.

Asset recovery, disposal services and secure data destruction we provide are popular with corporate and institutional organizations. Many of the corporate and institutional organizations in Singapore entrust their asset recovery and disposal needs to us.

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